Mark Farrelly Photography: Blog en-us (C) Mark Farrelly Photography (Mark Farrelly Photography) Mon, 18 Dec 2023 03:41:00 GMT Mon, 18 Dec 2023 03:41:00 GMT Mark Farrelly Photography: Blog 120 61 Adapt Architecture - Hopetoun I recently did a photoshoot for Adapt Architecture. It was a renovation, Nathan was able to make a small terrace into a tardis, making use of all the space available.


Hopetoun_St-001Hopetoun_St-001 Hopetoun_St-033Hopetoun_St-033 Hopetoun_St-080Hopetoun_St-080 Hopetoun_St-106Hopetoun_St-106

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The ridgeway I recently photographed this house extension for Adapt Architecture.


The_Ridgeway-351The_Ridgeway-351 The_Ridgeway-323The_Ridgeway-323 The_Ridgeway-297The_Ridgeway-297 The_Ridgeway-304The_Ridgeway-304 The_Ridgeway-239The_Ridgeway-239 The_Ridgeway-270The_Ridgeway-270

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School Architecture Hi Everyone,

Well, my monthly blog has turned into a ten monthly blog, life is busy, as it is for all of us.

I have been photographying some lovely schools of late, for Kneeler Design Architects

They are Frankston Special Development School, Mentone Grammar School and Vermont Secondary School. 

Hopefully the next blog won't be so long, if you have a minute browse through some of the lovely Architecture.

I hope you enjoy it.

Until next time.

Mark Farrelly


Frankston Special Development School







Mentone Grammar School







Vermont Secondary School






































































































































































































































































































































































































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Schools I have many great clients whom I have worked with for many years. One of my favourite places to work is Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School.  I have been working at Lowther Hall for quite a few years and as a parent I have been impressed by what I have seen.  

The school is very nurturing with the students. I am constantly surprised by the relationship between the staff and students: it seems that the teachers know every girl in the school junior and senior.  

Although, I have photographed at Lowther Hall for a few years I always seem to be photographing new events, activities, sports, subjects. The latest event was the end of year concert at the Recital Centre Melbourne, which was an amazing event with choirs singing and orchestral music.

Here are a few photos from the last few months at Lowther Hall. 

For more photos the links below are to the Lowther Hall photo galleries.





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Chuffed I recently photographed Prashan Paramanathan and Olivia Hilton from

They were lovely people to meet, that comes through in the photographs.

Chuffed only crowd funds non-profit and social enterprise projects.

Mark Farrelly



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linden gardens Linden Gardens,

I recently photographed (pro-bono) Linden gardens.  They were open for the day to raise money for charity. The images are now going to the 

The Historic Gardens Foundation, Celebrating 20 years of supporting the world’s garden heritage So I thought I

would share them with you.

If you like gardens, you should visit this one next time its open.

Have a good day.


Alphington garden-002Alphington garden-002 Alphington garden-006Alphington garden-006 Alphington garden-007Alphington garden-007 Alphington garden-012Alphington garden-012 Alphington garden-015Alphington garden-015 Alphington garden-028Alphington garden-028 Alphington garden-064Alphington garden-064 Alphington garden-071Alphington garden-071 Alphington garden-075Alphington garden-075 Alphington garden-076Alphington garden-076 Alphington garden-098Alphington garden-098 Alphington garden-111Alphington garden-111 Alphington garden-113Alphington garden-113
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Victorian cabinet 2015 I just gave a lecture to VCE students at the Museum, where some of my video work I did for the "VCE Season of excellence" is on display. Seeing as though I was telling them to get their work out there, I thought I should do the same.  I recently photographed the swearing in of the new Cabinet.  Which I have done for years, since the Bracks government came to power.

Here are a few of the images.


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along comes the new year and with it comes new cameras Hi Everyone,


The holidays are over and the new working year has started with almost a rush to get going.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. And I hope this a great year for you all.

So there is a camera show in Japan that starts next week called CP+

There are new cameras from Olympus EM-5 mk2 and lenses from Sony for their new FE full frame mirrorless system, and when it opens there will be other announcements.

The big news is that, Canon are bring out a new 50 megapixel camera the EOS 5Ds this is a monster of a camera, sure it will be heavy like most DSLRs are, but it will be a monster of detail imagine 50 mp per image.  It will be the highest megapixel count on any DSLR camera to date. (Until next week when Nikon or Sony bring out a 55mp camera).  

So do we need 50 mps?........... well not really, its just a marketing ploy to say we are the best exactly the same as car manufacturers do, actually every company does.  For the every day photographer who wants to snap photos of their kids and then post to social media 8-10mp is heaps you can print an A4 print from 8-10mps, iPhones are only 8mps and we seem to be happy with them.  For professional work we need about 18-30 megapixels, most of our images are either in webpages or in annual reports or an A5 brochure, so 20 is heaps.

The changes in the camera market place, is that phones have taken over the happy snap market, camera companies either don't make happy snap cameras or they only make a few just to offer something.  We all use our iPhones to take pictures and post them to social media.  So the camera companies have introduced cameras that make it easy for you to take a photo and send it to your iPhone by WiFi and then post it to social media. The new cameras have WiFi, NFC, the screens swivel so you can take a selfie, once you have your selfie and posted it to instagram you can then print it on an A4 or A3 canvas print to go above the mantel in the lounge room :)  So they are the perfect weekend and travel cameras, post to social media and print holiday photos of Bali beaches for your hallway walls.  :)  I don't know if you have ever tried to print from an iPhone image but they are crap, technical term for not good. They look great on your iPhone but the sensors are to small, no detail, sure you can get a 6x4 print for Nanna to hang on the fridge but thats about it.

So what are these new cameras, they are whats called mirrorless cameras, they have no mirrors, therefore making them small.  Don't be fooled they have large sensors and are as good or better images quality than your average DSLR. I could shoot a job on a Sony A6000 its that good. 

Below are some images from our holidays, I used WiFi to zoom them up to my iPhone i played with them in either Snapseed or the instagram editor and off they went to instagram.  If you would like to follow me on instagram I will be posting regularly from now on.  @markfarrellyphotography

So a couple of cameras to look out for:

The Sony A6000 you can not find a bad review of this camera, this is my pic of the bunch. Rumour is that Sony is bringing out a A7000 but that is a rumour and may never happen.

Canon are about to bring out the Eos m3, the m1 & m2 did not do well and had bad reviews, but Canon have said they want to be top of the mirrorless market in two years, so this could be their first serious attempt, need to see the reviews. Of course fuji cameras would be another one to look into but they don't seem to have bought out any new cameras of late, and the same with Olympus although they are bringing out the EM-5 m2 and they have some great cameras so also worth a look. But my pic of the bunch today is the Sony A6000, next week there could be other new cameras but today this is the one.

Some great sites to follow if you are interested in a new camera:  the is the website for reviews, the best one.


So i hope the new year has started well for you all, happy shooting.

Feel free to send me any questions you may have and if you are an Instagram user follow me on Instagram. 

2015 summer holidays -0352015 summer holidays -035

2015 summer holidays -0622015 summer holidays -062

2015 summer holidays -2022015 summer holidays -202

2015 summer holidays -1992015 summer holidays -199

2015 summer holidays -2232015 summer holidays -223

2015 summer holidays -0412015 summer holidays -041

2015 summer holidays -0392015 summer holidays -039

2015 summer holidays -0172015 summer holidays -017

2015 summer holidays -2062015 summer holidays -206

2015 summer holidays -0232015 summer holidays -023

2015 summer holidays -1962015 summer holidays -196

2015 summer holidays -1552015 summer holidays -155

2015 summer holidays -0372015 summer holidays -037

2015 summer holidays -2122015 summer holidays -212

2015 summer holidays -2352015 summer holidays -235

2015 summer holidays -0322015 summer holidays -032

2015 summer holidays -2362015 summer holidays -236

2015 summer holidays -0272015 summer holidays -027


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Simpson desert Hi everyone,

I have just returned from a trip to the Simpson desert, which is in SA, NT & QLD, but mostly in SA.  Basically, the centre of Australia. We had to take everything with us and take all rubbish out with us. It was a lot of digging 4X4's out of sand, taking hours to travel 30 Km's.  I was the chef on the trip so we ate well, eye fillets, red & white wines, butterflied legs of lamb, cheese before dinner and of course lots of beer. We cooked on the open fire each night and slept under the stars in swags. 

It was one of those trips of a life time, and I did it with 4 of my best mates from primary school.  I can only hope that my son, when he is at my age, has great mates that he has known from primary school, because we had a ball.  We must have been some of the most isolated people on the planet when in the middle of the desert. I have travelled through the Sahara desert when i was younger and of course its the same feeling. 

Anyway, here are a few photos from the trip, of course I have hundreds more and endless amounts of video, But I thought I would send out this blog while I have an hour free. I didn't take all my fancy gear with me, as sand is not the friend of cameras, so I just took my trusty little Sony RX100, lots of SD cards and a tripod. 

I hope you enjoy them. Please leave a comment, pass on the link, and share with who ever you think would like to see them. As I get round to processing the video and other images I will put them up.

Mark Farrelly


Simpson_desert-026Simpson_desert-026 Simpson_desert-076-EditSimpson_desert-076-Edit Simpson_desert-087Simpson_desert-087 Simpson_desert-063-EditSimpson_desert-063-Edit Simpson_desert-096Simpson_desert-096 Simpson_desert-181-EditSimpson_desert-181-Edit Simpson_desert-098Simpson_desert-098 Simpson_desert-103Simpson_desert-103 Simpson_desert-106Simpson_desert-106 Simpson_desert-218Simpson_desert-218 Simpson_desert-248Simpson_desert-248 Simpson_desert-256Simpson_desert-256 Simpson_desert-275Simpson_desert-275 Simpson_desert-321Simpson_desert-321 Simpson_desert-382Simpson_desert-382 Simpson_desert-388Simpson_desert-388 Simpson_desert-431Simpson_desert-431 Simpson_desert-440Simpson_desert-440 Simpson_desert-457Simpson_desert-457 Simpson_desert-459Simpson_desert-459 Simpson_desert-506Simpson_desert-506 Simpson_desert-512Simpson_desert-512 Simpson_desert-528Simpson_desert-528 Simpson_desert-531Simpson_desert-531 Simpson_desert-534Simpson_desert-534 Simpson_desert-539Simpson_desert-539 Simpson_desert-542Simpson_desert-542 Simpson_desert-661Simpson_desert-661 Simpson_desert-696Simpson_desert-696 Simpson_desert-698Simpson_desert-698 Simpson_desert-707Simpson_desert-707

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INCF funding videos Hi everyone,

The internet and Youtube have expanded the way organisations reach and talk to their audiences. Short videos are an opportunity to profile key staff or projects or lobby for crowd-funding.

Recently, I filmed seven short videos for Inner North Community Foundation – they wanted quick simple videos that they could use to ask for crowd-funding for their projects.

I hope you have time to view the short videos.

I hope you have time to view the short videos.




Arts project Australia Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Bridging works Outer urban images Pink Lightning Russian Ethnic Representative Council Inner Northern LLEN

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HCA-Prestion HUB This time-lapse video for Housing Choices Australia, shows the construction of the Preston Hub at 137 High Street, Preston. The Preston Hub is a community space designed to create opportunities for local residents.

I was unable to leave a camera there for various reasons, so I had to visit a number of times. This allow me to take the progress of construction from three different angles, and then final images of all three.

Housing Choices Australia-Preston Hub


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For those who want to buy a new camera. Hi everyone,

For those of you who are in the market for a new camera, there are plenty that have hit the market at great prices. 

The thing is, you'll have to get past the idea of needing to have a DSLR, they are big and heavy, their image quality is no better than the new mirrorless cameras to hit the market. The sensor sizes on both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are the same. APS-C size sensors.

In My Opinion the main elements on a camera that are important are:

the sensor size

the focus speed

the lenses

and of course the size and weight.

People have also said that a view finder is important to them, so most of these cameras have viewfinders.

Sony have brought out some great cameras with large APS-C size sensors, the A5000 (No viewfinder), A6000, A7.  The A6000 has a viewfinder and is $800 with a lens, for the quality of the camera that is amazing value.  The A6000 replaces the NEX-6 which you can get for a great price at the moment.

The A7 is full frame and is about $1750, but that is more for pros.

For my money the Sony A6000 is the camera to buy at the moment, in fact I am going to buy one for weekends and travel photography.

Here is a link:

Olympus have just brought out the E-M10, great little camera, although the sensor is a bit smaller, but large enough to enlarge prints to A3, below is the weblink. Its about $750 - $1000.

Fujifilm - X-E2  Great camera about a $1000

X-M1 (no viewfinder) $650ish

So there you go, if you are interested in photography buy the Sony A6000 supposedly has the fastest focus speed around, large sensor, its small, and a view finder, it focuses during movie mode as well.

If you want to spend $800 on a camera, why would you not buy this one?  You'll have to wait a week or so as the A6000 is only hitting the stores now.

I still love my little Sony RX 100, small camera large sensor, no viewfinder. The RX100 MK11 has a tilt screen on the back, but it is a fixed lens camera, great for putting in your pocket.

Happy snapping 


PS: if you have any questions



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Texco Constructions P/L Hi Everyone,

Its been a busy start to the year.  I thought while I had a few moments free I would write a blog post.

A few years ago, I received a call from Tom and Matthew at Texco Construction.   I was referred to them by Rani Smale Design who was doing there graphic design work.  Texco Construction design and build large warehouses, factories, cold storage facilities and Badminton stadiums  - you get the picture, huge buildings. Their clients vary, so they design bespoke buildings to fit their clients needs.   I have been all over Melbourne photographing their buildings over the last few years.  Here are some recent images of the Texco buildings.











Sargent's-0114Sargent's-0114 20_Barretta Rd-031-Edit20_Barretta Rd-031-Edit


















20_Barretta Rd-01920_Barretta Rd-019







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Australia Day 2014 Australia Day 2014

I have photographed the #Australia Day celebrations for the Department of Premiers & Cabinet for about 15 years.  The day ended at Docklands with the fireworks. This was the largest crowd I have ever seen at Docklands. And the fireworks looked fantastic over the water.

Here are some images I took from the day. I hope you enjoy them.

Mark Farrelly Photography

Aust Day 2014-007Aust Day 2014-007 Aust Day 2014-017Aust Day 2014-017 Aust Day 2014-021Aust Day 2014-021 Aust Day 2014-023Aust Day 2014-023


Aust Day 2014-036Aust Day 2014-036 Aust Day 2014-070Aust Day 2014-070 Aust Day 2014-091Aust Day 2014-091 Aust Day 2014-101Aust Day 2014-101 Aust Day 2014-113Aust Day 2014-113 Aust Day 2014-123Aust Day 2014-123 Aust Day 2014-150Aust Day 2014-150 Aust Day 2014-199Aust Day 2014-199 Aust Day 2014-231Aust Day 2014-231 Aust Day 2014-233Aust Day 2014-233 Aust Day 2014-238Aust Day 2014-238 Aust Day 2014-271Aust Day 2014-271 Aust Day 2014-288Aust Day 2014-288 Aust Day 2014-301Aust Day 2014-301 Aust Day 2014-321Aust Day 2014-321 Aust Day 2014-331Aust Day 2014-331 Aust Day 2014-356Aust Day 2014-356 Aust Day 2014-431Aust Day 2014-431 Aust Day 2014-465Aust Day 2014-465 Aust Day 2014-470Aust Day 2014-470 Aust Day 2014-493Aust Day 2014-493 Aust Day 2014-559Aust Day 2014-559 Aust Day 2014-596Aust Day 2014-596 Aust Day 2014-605Aust Day 2014-605 Aust Day 2014-619Aust Day 2014-619 Aust Day 2014-620Aust Day 2014-620 Aust Day 2014-627Aust Day 2014-627 Aust Day 2014-645Aust Day 2014-645 Aust Day 2014-649Aust Day 2014-649 Aust Day 2014-670Aust Day 2014-670 Aust Day 2014-692Aust Day 2014-692


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Outer Urban Projects Hi Everyone,

As you all know, I have written many blogs about the "Inner Northern Community Foundation" and the wonderful philanthropy work that they do for the less privileged in our society.  I do pro-Bono photography for them and this is the most recent project, photographed at the Recital Centre in Melbourne.

The photos are of, Outer Urban projects, Barkly Arts Centre - Massive Hip Hop Choir and Newsboys Foundation.

I hope you enjoy, feel free to pass the blog on and/or make a comment, hopefully a nice comment.


Mark Farrelly

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New cameras to hit the market As promised in my last blog post, I am here to tell you about some new developments in the camera world.

Well, there has been a camera trade show in New York recently and some of the big players in the photographic industry have launched some great cameras. 

The big news that has rocked the photographic industry is the launch by Sony of its two new mirrorless cameras, The Sony alpha A7 and A7r.  Theses are Full Frame mirrorless cameras, meaning that the sensor in the camera is the same size as the old 35 mm negative film, also there is no mirror in the top of the camera, which in turn means that you don't see though the lens (SLR) you look at a EVF electronic view finder, which is essentially the same as the screen on the back of the camera, but smaller.  In the old days these were terrible, but these days they refresh instantaneously, the good thing is what you see in the EVF is exactly what you get in the image, which is not so when looking through a traditional SLR.

So essentially, you can have better resolution than the Nikon D800e/D600 and the Canon 5D mk3 or 6D (The full frame cameras of the moment). in a smaller body and smaller lenses.  And the good news is that, they are cheaper.;pgid=FOdO0TB4uBZSRpLJN6q14Iun0000A5tNuApM;sid=OYSDGEb0Z7yWGBR21Q_xHN7-VsjGaSm4fPX1RBVP

Also to hit the market from Fuji film is the X-e2, a great APS-C size sensor camera, fuji have great lenses and lots of them, which is where the Sony falls down they only launch the A7 with 3 lenses.

These are pretty exciting cameras and the Sony really has changed the way photographers will be buying and using cameras in the future.  Sony and Fuji are really shaking up the market, by offering great cameras with big sensors that are better image quality in a smaller package. And if you think the Sony is a relatively new player in the market, they make the sensors for Nikon.  

Olympus also have some a new camera OMD-EM1 this is also a great little camera although, the sensor is micro for thirds, but still a great camera and image quality. 

Although, Canon and Nikon are being left behind at the moment, I would bet that they have many new offerings in the new year, they are obviously not going to sit around and let their market disappear.  So next year will be fantastic if you are a photographer. 

You can see what I get up to in my down time.


Until next time, Happy shooting.


Mark Farrelly

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"What is the best camera to buy"? “What’s the best camera to buy”?

The question I am always asked is “what’s the best camera to buy”.

Well I have given out lots of advice on the camera I think people should buy, so I thought that I would write a blog post on the subject.  There are two questions I always start with,  "what do you want to use the camera for and what is your budget."  

If you want to know straight away.

This is by no means a final list, you will have to do your own research, these will start you off in the right place.


  • Sony NEX 3n for $390 with a 16-50 mm lens great value.
  • The NEX 5r can be seen for $430, which is basically the same camera as the 5T. Unbelievable price.


  • The Sony NEX 5T, $700 released last week, WIFI, NFC. 16-50 mm lens great value.
  • Sony RX100 $600 or RX100 mk2 $750, expensive but great little cameras.
  • Fuji XE-1 about $700
  • Fuji E-A1 just released $600


  • NEX 6, with a 16-50 mm lens $850 twin lens kit $1100
  • Olympus EP-5 just launched, $1000
  • Samsung NX300 which is a nice looking camera and the images seem great. APS-c sensor with a lens $750 twin lens kit about $1000.


  • Fuji X100s, I think it is about $1400
  • Panasonic GX-7 just released around $1100
  • Olympus OMD EM5 and the upgrade EM1 over $1500
  • Canon 70D approx. $1200-$1500 plus lenses.
  • Canon 6D $2100 plus lenses.
  • Sony RX1 - full frame fixed lens $2700, compact size.

1. Back ground

This is a question that has many answers, depending on the person you are talking to.  I spend time researching, reading review websites, rumour sites, You Tube, etc. because I like to keep up with technology, so I can offer my clients the latest imaging technology. I have also been a professional photographer for 19 years.  I recently bought a new DSLR.   It’s new capabilities came in handy almost straight away.   My clients wanted to send an image to the newspapers straight way – the camera is Wi-Fi enabled so I was able to connect to my iphone from the camera and email the selected image off straight away. This camera also allows the client to view the images as I shoot the job.   The client can rate the images as they pop up on my iPhone or we can view the images together and discuss the shoot, rather than taking the camera off the tripod and looking at the back of the camera.

I must mention that all the cameras listed in this blog post shoot HD movies, some do it better than others.  The Panasonic GH3 is noted for is movies making abilities. Around 2008 Canon bought ou tthe 5D Mk2 with a full framed Canon sensor, this 5D2 was able to shoot HD movies, that camera revolutionised the industry, motion pictures and TV series were being made with the Canon 5D mk2.  I just traded that camera in for its successor. 


open_house-013 Image taken with the Sony RX100

2. The mirrorless revolution

The average DSLR out there has an aps-c size sensor, basically half the size of a Full Frame sensor, I see no reason for any amateur to buy a DSLR anymore as there are smaller, cheaper cameras out there with the same sensor sizes. These are called mirrorless cameras.  Rather than viewing the images though the lens, mirrorless cameras have an evf (electronic view finder) which mean that you look at the image electronically.  Basically, the same as when you look at the images on the back of the camera. 

Professionals are now using these cameras for certain jobs, specially travel, and event photographers even wedding photographers.  The main advantage is that they are smaller and lighter than DSLRs. Mirrorless cameras that Pros use are: Fuji Xpro1, Sony NEX 7, Olympus OMD EM5, and Panasonic GH3.  These cameras are priced at about $1000 to $1500 for the body plus lenses.

I didn’t buy a mirrorless camera as they don’t come with Full Frame sensors (Well there is one but its not for shooting a Professional job, its a fixed lens).  My Canon has a Full Frame sensor which gives me better resolution (detail) with less noise.  I am able to shoot in low light with less grain (digital noise) on the image, the images can be enlarged and cropped. I work for quite a few graphic designers, they like to crop images to fit their design layouts, a Full frame sensor delivers to them fantastic image quality, they they are then able to enlarge an images to billboard size or crop the images without lose of detail.  

I am looking to buy a second camera system that sits along side my Pro Canon gear. That system will be a mirrorless system, I will use it for travel, art and out door events where I need to carry the cameras around all day.

3. Happy snap camera

If you only want a “happy snap” and the images are never going to appear anywhere apart from looking at them on your phone or computer, then buy a phone with a good camera, my iPhone 5 is brilliant I can print from the images up to 5x7” and put them in a photo-book, and email them.  Which is why small camera sales have plummeted in recent years.  I even made a movie on my iPhone 5.

If you have to buy a happy snap camera, then they are all the same; the best is probably the Canon S110 or S100.


open_house-061 Image taken with the Sony RX100 

I’ll do this by sensor size.

4. 1-inch sensor

First of all there is the 1-inch sensor, Nikon V1, and the Sony RX100 and RX100 mk2.  I wouldn’t by the Nikon system, as there are better options for the same price with larger sensors.  I have the Sony RX100 and it is a fantastic little camera, this is the happy snap camera that the pros buy. A small camera, largish sensor, Zeiss lens, HD movies, I’ve had it for a year and I love it.  I have recommended it to others and they love it.  Only problem is that its not cheap, the RX100 is about $530 the RX100 mk2, just released is $750. Only difference is a hot shoe and the back screen is movable.

open_house-002 Image taken with the Sony RX100


5. Micro 4/3 cameras

Then there are the Micro 4/3 cameras; these are mainly Olympus and Panasonic.  They developed this system together.  And it is a big segment of the mirrorless market.  The Olympus OMD EM5 and the upgrade EM1, which is about to be launched, are pro quality cameras, also the GH3 from Panasonic, the GH3 is supposed to be the 4/3 camera for movie making. These cameras are about $1000- $1500 body only lenses range from $250 - $900.  Although, I still think that the sensor is too small.approx. half that of a APS-C sensor.

They also have the Olympus EP-5 just launched, $1000

Panasonic GH3, about $1100 - $1300

Panasonic GX-7 just released around $1100

open_house-053 Image taken with the Sony RX100


This are the sensor I would recommend.

6. APS-C sensors

Most DSLRs sold tody are APS-c sized sensors (or crop sensors), but you can get the same sized sensor in a mirrorless camera, which is half the size, half the weight, of a DSLR. Sony makes the sensors for Nikon and other camera brands so DSLR sensors are no better quality than the mirrorless sensors. The DSLR lenses are no better than the mirrorless lenses in this category. Once we head up to the pro DSLRs that is a different story. So why would you buy a DSLR?  The only thing that used to set them apart was the Phase detection focusing system, although now the mirrorless systems have that as well.

Sony and Fuji, in my opinion, are the ones to buy but Samsung also seems to be making a great product.  The Fuji has great image quality, they have a new sensor called the X-trans and its supposed to be great quality, lots of pros love the Xpro1, Fuji also makes the less expensive XE-1 about $700, and now the E_M1 $600 is a great reviewer and tells it like it is.

And Fuji make the much acclaimed fixed lens X100s, I think it is about $1400.

Samsung have a NX300 which is a nice looking camera and the images seem great. APS-c sensor with a lens $750 twin lens kit about $1000.

open_house-030 Image taken with the Sony RX100

7. These are the cameras I would recommend

The Sony NEX 5T, $700 released last week, WIFI, NFC. 16-50 mm lens great value.

Sony NEX 3n for $390 with a 16-50 mm lens great value.

Sony seems to be the all rounder in this area of the camera market.  And they are innovating constantly, all their NEX E-mount cameras are APS-C size sensors, the cameras are tough made of aluminium, which goes for the RX100 as well. Great image quality, great movie quality, the word around the rumour sites are that they are about to bring out a Full Frame NEX camera, that will shake the camera industry up let me tell you.  They already have the smallest Full Frame mirrorless camera the RX1, but it is very pricey at about $2700, it is the big brother to the RX100. It has had rave reviews.

Sony have 4 cameras in the NEX series, the NEX 3n, 5T, 6 and 7 although the NEX-7 is about to be updated and it is not listed on their website?

The NEX 3n is the lowest price and a great little happy snapper that has detachable lenses and an aps-c sensor and fits into a purse or pocket. You can get it for $390 with a 16-50 mm lens great value.

The NEX 5T This is a pro quality camera for $700 including a lens, that’s amazing. I could do a job with this camera in daylight and no one would no the difference, it is amazing quality.  It has Wi-Fi and NFC (where you transfer images to your phone just by touching them). Phase detection and contrast detection focusing.

The NEX 5r can be seen for $430, which is basically the same camera. Unbelievable price.

And then there is the NEX 6, with a 16-50 mm lens $850 twin lens kit $1100 pretty much the same camera as the 5R but it has an EVF electronic viewfinder.

8. The system I will buy into, most likely, is the Sony NEX series.

The NEX 7 has a mic input, APS_C sensor 24 MP, EVF, this is a pro grade camera, but as I said Sony are about to launch the successor to this camera, which is the one I will probably buy. 

So as you can see there are great quality cameras for around $400 up to $2000.  This is a basic rundown of some of the latest cameras. Mirrorless is the system of the moment, Nikon have the V1 and Canon have the EOS M but the Canon has had terrible reviews, slow focus, etc. and the Nikon isn't selling well, small sensor for that system.  Canon and Nikon are holding onto the DSLR system, and why not, DSLRs are the largest selling market segment, but the word from commentators is that the future is mirrorless?  Who knows?  Apparently Canon is about to release two new EOS M mirrorless cameras, a low cost and a more pro grade camera?

This blog is only my opinion; feel free to ask me any questions you may have. The information is a guide; I have included lots of links so you can do your own research. Prices are also a guide I basically, put in the camera model and best price into the search engine and got an approximate price, you will have to hunt around for your own prices. I will add to the post as I receive more info. So feel free to drop back and view.

I have no link to any camera manufacturer, I wish, a free camera would be great.

Feel free to pass on the post, if you think it is worth someone else reading it.

All the best Mark

open_house-048 Image taken with the Sony RX100






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Open House Melbourne 2013 Hi everyone,


Last weekend our son, Sonny, went to the school spectacular with his mate Felix.  So my wife and I decided to take advantage of our new found day of freedom and visit a couple of buildings in the Open House Melbourne 2013.  I grabbed my little happy snap for the pro photographer the Sony RX100. What a camera - it has a large sensor, alum body and a Carl Zies lens - a great combination.  

We went through the Melbourne Uni campus, which I never get tired of walking through, as the gardens and architecture are stunning.  We then went to the RMIT design hub by Sean Godsell followed by Yum cha in China town.  I must say I love living in Melbourne.

These are just a couple of the snaps I took with my little Sony pocket rocket.



Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-002


Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-004

Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-048 Open House Melbourne 2013Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-013

Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-030

Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-007

Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-053

Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-034

Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-047

Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-039

Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-081

Open House Melbourne 2013open_house-061

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Broadmeadows schools network  

Lately, I have been shooting for the BSN (Broadmeadows Schools Network). I photographed in ten schools across the BSN, a couple of the schools were dedicated to kids with mental health issues, the others were regular public primary and secondary schools. Broadmeadows hasn't had a great reputation and there would probably be some preconceptions about what schools in Broadmeadows would be like.

Well, I can tell you that the schools I visited were fantastic. Each school appeared recently built, the kids were all in neat, well presented uniforms, and they were polite and eager to show me around. The teachers and kids seemed connected and their genuine relationship came across though their enthusiasm for each other and for learning. And why not, each school seemed to present a great learning environment.

I have photographed in many schools across Victoria, public and private, and I found the kids in the BSN were really happy and enthusiastic about their schools.

To be able to capture great photos, the shoot needs to be organized, the subjects happy to participate and have a genuine connection with each other, time is needed to be able to explore all the possibilities to get the best shots, I was lucky enough to be working for Senate SHJ and X-Sight Design, who gave me these elements and time to capture the best shots.

I think that comes out in the photos; I hope you like them.


 Primary school





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